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Doll Bouquet

Stock: In Stock Brand: 花束系列
公仔花束 Materials for display products : As shownThe main flower can be replaced with other colors without extra chargeOrder flowers at the..
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Stock: In Stock Brand: 花束系列
更新 Materials for display products : As shownThe main flower can be replaced with other colors without extra chargeOrder flowers at the f..
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Doll Bouquet

The florist solves all kinds of flower needs for you

Florist G-Floral Service Scope

Florist G and JP Flower Shop have been providing high-quality online flower ordering and delivery services since 2008, covering Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. and Tung Chung and other places. The flower shop's floral products include bouquets, flower baskets, boutonnieres, table flowers, preserved flowers, bouquets, and orchids. We not only have flower products, but the flower shop also provides a variety of different artificial flowers and artificial flowers. Silk flowers and artificial flower products are available for ordering. In addition to online payment services, we also provide hand-customized floral products. Florist G provides you with the most complete floral services.

What are the benefits and discounts of ordering flowers from FlowerG flower shop?

The flower shop provides customers with different discounts and membership benefits on prices, making it cheaper and more affordable for customers to order flowers. We also constantly update styles of products to give customers more choices. In addition to fixed styles, we also welcome customers We provide customized bouquets, silk flower arrangements and other products to meet different needs.

Why is it better to order flowers from an online florist?

FlowerG flower shop's flowers are ordered according to the needs of the order. Each customer's flowers are independent, and there will be no flowers that have been stored for a long time, so the flowers can be delivered in the freshest condition. In the hands of the recipient. Perfect after-sales service is indispensable for an online flower shop. In addition to providing post-delivery notifications, we will also send actual product photos to customers so that customers can better understand the real status of the products they ordered.

Flower bouquet, chocolate bouquet, simulation bouquet, doll bouquet

We provide a large number of bouquets of different styles and prices. Customers will be able to choose the ideal product from more than 300 bouquets. With customized bouquets, your flower ordering process will be perfected.

Flower bouquet discount

We will update bouquet styles and preferential prices from time to time. The special price bouquets can be used with member discount codes. Ordering flowers and sending flowers is cheaper and cheaper. JP Flower Shop is the first choice for high-quality and affordable bouquets.

Number of bouquet branches

The number of main flowers in the bouquet can be changed through the "number of main flowers" option in the style. If there is no option for the number of main flowers in the style, you can contact us directly to inquire.

Tulip Bouquet

All tulip bouquets at JP Flower Shop are tulips imported from the Netherlands, with colors including red, yellow, pink, purple, light purple, white, orange and other colors. Tulips come in a variety of flower types, such as single, double and fringed. , the most common one is the single-petal tulip, so most bouquets are made of this type.

Dutch Callas Bouquet

The main flower used in the calla orchid bouquet is calla orchid imported from the Netherlands, which has stable quality and can be displayed for a long time. The flower language of calla orchid is: fraternity, piety, eternity, elegance, nobility, nobility, hope, nobility, purity and innocence. Love, elegance, pride of spring, pure and flawless love, so calla lily bouquets are suitable for any gift-giving occasion.

Proposal bouquet

One of the major uses of bouquets is to propose marriage proposals. Everyone has a misunderstanding that a proposal bouquet is a bouquet of 99 roses. However, in recent years, most bouquets used for proposal are 50 or 36 roses, and the packaging is still round. Mainly, roses are still the choice of most people’s proposal bouquets, and red roses are the most popular color.

Mother's Bouquet

In the past, carnations were the inevitable choice when sending flowers to mothers. Nowadays, everyone will choose and order bouquets according to the flower types and colors that their mothers like. This is also a very reasonable change. You will always receive the flowers you like. The happiest thing is that the habit of sending bouquets in Hong Kong has changed over time, from those who followed it in the past to those who now have their own opinions.

What should you pay attention to when ordering bouquets?

1. When choosing the color of the bouquet, we should choose the main flower based on the color that the recipient of the flowers likes. If the recipient does not particularly like the color, we can choose some of the more commonly used colors such as red, pink, and purple. Are there any colors that are Can't be used depending on the occasion? Traditionally, yellow flowers are used to apologize, but this does not mean that yellow flowers cannot be used in general. As long as the color of the recipient likes it, it can be used. 
2. Choose the main flower type of the bouquet. The main flower selection can be made based on the recipient's favorite flower type and the reason for sending the flowers. For example, traditionally most people use roses for marriage proposals, carnations for Mother's Day, etc., but this is not an inevitable choice. , the most important thing when ordering flowers is based on the preferences of the recipient. Not everyone’s preferences are the same.
3. The packaging style of bouquets is generally round, long, and irregular. The packaging style can be selected according to personal preferences. There is no designated occasion or reason to choose which kind of packaging. However, according to our order data, most awards or company colleagues are promoted The long shape is used, and the round shape is used for marriage proposals. For other purposes, there is no specific tendency which one is chosen by more people.
4. Choose the number of branches in the bouquet. Does the number of branches in the bouquet mean different things? The number of branches has different meanings. However, the numbers in different places and countries may not necessarily mean the same thing. You can just order the number of branches according to your needs. The number of roses at JP Flower Shop is usually 18 or more, not 20. This is because our goods come in bundles of 10 or 20. We will not use every rose. The 18 roses are the best ones selected from the 20. 18 branches are wrapped. If we order 30 branches, we have to pre-order 40 branches. Because flowers are products of nature, there will be variations in the incoming goods, so we must budget for more quality assurance measures.
5. How long does it take to order flowers? Generally, rose bouquets are ordered 2-3 days before delivery. It is best to order imported bouquets 5-7 days in advance. Imported flower materials do not arrive in Hong Kong every day. Normally, it is 2-2 days in a week. 3 times, so the budget time is relatively long.
6. What time slots are available for flower delivery service? In which areas can flower delivery service be delivered? JP Flower Shop provides multiple flower delivery time slots to choose from, 9:00-12:00, 12:00-16:00 and 16:00 -Delivered within 18:00. The flower delivery area includes the entire Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, the airport and other areas.
7. Can I choose my own flowers for the bouquet? JP Flower Shop provides a self-selected flower material service for some bouquet styles. The optional items include the number of main flowers in the bouquet, color, lining flowers, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. More styles are being updated continuously. If If you cannot find the required bouquet product on the flower shop website, please contact us for enquiry.

What is the reasonable price of an affordable bouquet? How to buy a cheap and high-quality bouquet?

The bouquet is generally a bouquet of 18 roses. The price is HK$400-HK$600 depending on the number of lining flowers. American roses are 3-4 times more expensive than ordinary flowers. American roses are slightly more expensive than Dutch roses. Vietnamese roses It is about 30-50% more expensive than ordinary roses, and Kenyan roses are also 30-50% more expensive than Vietnamese roses.
To buy a flat bouquet, it is recommended to find some florists with more membership discounts. Since the membership discounts are for optimizing customer service, they will not reduce prices for quality. Are there any flower shops with a flat price? The answer is There must be some. Some flower shops sell flowers in bulk. You can use the leftover flowers to wrap bouquets. The price may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for is reasonable. So the price of flowers needs to be adjusted accordingly. Depends on the quality. Self-pickup bouquet discount. If you can pick up the bouquet when ordering, this is also a very good way to save money. Most of the flower delivery services charged by florists are about 3% of the actual cost. For example, the flower delivery service fee is The cost of HK$80 is usually between 150-180. As long as the customer has the experience of door-to-door delivery by CALL truck, he will understand why there is a discount for self-pickup. Doesn’t there be no transportation cost if the florist delivers the flowers by himself? The cost is almost the same, because the delivery The time cost of one shipment is about 3 hours, multiplied by labor + transportation fee... Are there any companies that do not charge freight? Yes, but everyone knows that wool comes from sheep. The price is raised + the cost of transportation to a distance. The method is not good for customers at all, but the practice of clearly stating the actual price is good for customers.

How to choose when sending bouquets for the first time?
JP Flower Shop specially designed the rose + small rose + eucalyptus bouquet (18 sticks up) - BO562 for the first time customer to send a bouquet. The bouquet is packaged in a long semicircle style. The main flower of the bouquet is 18 roses plus small roses and eucalyptus. Li, this combination is very generous and decent, and the bouquet looks very full and big. It is the first choice among all.

Cornage, bouquet, wedding corsage,

We Zhang will introduce and recommend boutonnieres to everyone through the following article about boutonnieres.

Introduction to boutonnieres

What should you pay attention to when ordering brooches?

When ordering corsage, you need to understand the coordination of the venue. The best choice for the venue is the more festive colors for Chinese-style banquets. There are always more restrictions on the color of Chinese-style banquets, while Western-style banquets are more casual, as long as the color matches the venue.

How long does it take to order a brooch?

Generally, when ordering corsages in small quantities and simple styles, they can be delivered within 2-3 days. Therefore, if the quantity is not large, the order can be completed 4 days before delivery. However, if the corsage is in larger quantities and more complicated styles, it is best to Order 7-10 days in advance. Because the corsage is made by hand in multiple processes, it is very time-consuming.

The difference between silk corsage and flower corsage

Silk flower boutonnieres are the most commonly used boutonnieres nowadays. Flower boutonnieres have become less popular in recent years due to restrictions on their use. The current improvement in the quality of silk flowers directly affects people’s habit of using boutonnieres. Silk flower boutonnieres There are far more advantages than flower boutonnieres, such as unrestricted use time, cheaper price, can be reused many times, and not easy to be damaged. These factors are incomparable to flower boutonnieres.

Orchid, phalaenopsis, potted plant

Are the opening flower baskets only used for opening ceremonies?

Opening flower baskets or flower baskets are used for congratulatory occasions. They are not just given when stores and companies open, such as school graduation ceremonies or school celebrations, product launches, anniversary cocktail parties, etc. Basically, they can be used for any festive occasion. Use it.

Flower basket greeting card

JP Flower Shop provides customers with a variety of opening flower baskets to choose from. Each flower basket is equipped with an A3 greeting card. The size of the flower basket can reach 3-4 feet, depending on the style. It is a generous and appropriate gift. For the content of the greeting card, please refer to the introduction of the opening flower basket.

When is the best time to send opening flower baskets?

Generally, it is most suitable for flower baskets to be delivered before 12:00 am, but there are also other industries that need to arrange delivery in the afternoon. Customers can make arrangements according to their own needs. If they want to deliver them at a designated time before the opening ceremony, they can contact the flower shop Make flexible arrangements and adjustments. 

Artificial flowers, silk flowers, artificial flowers, artificial flowers

Silk flowers are artificial flowers or artificial flowers. They are generally made of silk or PU and iron branches as the backbone. Most products are cheaper than fresh flowers.

What occasions are silk flowers suitable for?

1. Silk flower products are suitable for more occasions than flowers due to the following favorable factors.
2. Silk flowers are not affected by time, do not need to be replaced frequently, and can be placed for a long time without care.
3. It can be placed indoors and outdoors without being affected by the weather, and there are no problems such as ventilation and lighting.
4. Silk flower products can be placed and reused for a long time, and the price is relatively very affordable.

What products does Silk Flower have?

1. Silk flower arrangements can be placed for a long time without maintenance, unlike flower arrangements that require frequent replacement and care. In particular, places that are not easy to reach or cannot get wet are more suitable for displaying silk flower products. Silk flowers Decorations have a great advantage in terms of price. Generally, silk flower decorations can be displayed for more than 3-5 years, so the cost is much lower than flowers that need to be replaced every 10 days or 8 days. Nowadays, most schools, institutions, companies, societies, and opening gifts If you like silk flower arrangements, this is your first choice when ordering flowers.
2. The biggest advantage of silk flower boutonnieres is that they are not affected by time and can be reused. Because flower boutonnieres are dehydrated after being made, they are not suitable for long-term use. They often wither after being placed for a long time and the silk flower boutonnieres become damaged. This situation can be avoided. Silk corsages are also more advantageous than fresh flowers in terms of price. Because silk corsages can be reused, they are much cheaper than fresh flowers. Schools, institutions, companies, societies, etc. often hold activities. An agency is more suitable. In addition to saving money, it also saves the time of placing multiple orders.
3. Silk flower bouquets are one of the essential items for weddings. Silk flower bouquets are used in many wedding occasions. Silk flower bouquets can avoid a series of problems caused by flowers when taking wedding photos.  Silk flower bouquets It has the advantages of being easy to carry, not limited by use time, and can be applied to multiple occasions.
4. Silk flower orchids are much cheaper than potted orchids. Generally, orchids need to be replaced every 1-3 months. Compared with silk flower orchids, which only need to be replaced every few years, silk flower orchids have great advantages. Silk flower orchids are more suitable for placement occasions. There are no restrictions on the venue, they can be placed anywhere, saving time on care and maintenance, and there is no mosquito breeding problem. Silk flower orchids are a very suitable choice for ordering flowers for schools, institutions, companies, societies, and opening gifts.
5. Silk flower bouquets can be packaged into bouquets with chocolate and dolls. This is especially suitable if the recipient is sensitive to flower bouquets. Silk flower bouquets

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