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The earliest Mother's Day originated in ancient Greece. On this day the ancient Greeks paid tribute to Rhea, the mother of the Greek gods. In the 17th century Britain, the church changed it to express its respect for the mother of Jesus, setting the fourth Sunday of Lent as "Mothering Sunday". People even joined the church's "baptism" ceremony on Mother's Day. American Mother's Day is the most famous allusion. Initiated by Anna Jarvis, she has stayed with her mother for life. Her mother was kind and compassionate. She proposed to set up a commemorative day to honor obscured mothers. In 1913, the Congress decided to use the second Sunday of May every year as the statutory Mother's Day, and stipulated that every household should be hung on this day. National flag to show respect for mother. And Anna Jarvis' mother ’s favorite carnation during her lifetime became a symbol of Mother ’s Day. Taiwan ’s Mother ’s Day originates from Mother ’s Day in the United States. In fact, the biggest significance of Mother ’s Day is that people do n’t forget to express the grace of nurturing their mothers. Although the holiday is illegal, many Taiwanese often go there on Sundays. Take your mother to the restaurant to celebrate, and prepare cakes, gifts, gifts, or a bunch of carnations to give to your mother.

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The flower shop provides 300 bouquet products for customers to buy when ordering flowers. We also provide self-selected bouquet products. Customers can freely choose the main flower color and the number of branches, so that the packaging products can be selected by customers. Silk flower products include silk Corsages, silk flower decorations, silk flower balls and other products can be changed by customers in color and flower materials. The company or organization can change the matching according to their own needs. JP florist provides a large number of different styles of preserved flowers for customers to purchase and order You can also add other products to the preserved flowers to make the product more unique, and the flower receiver can better appreciate the care of the flower sender.