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花店更新中, 請登入 繼續瀏覽訂購!In order to facilitate the use of electronic consumer vouchers, JP Flower Shop has added the following payment methods, Alipay, WeChat payment, paypal, payme, and FPS.

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How to choose a bouquet? It is enough to read this article when ordering a bouquet.Bouquet price• How is the price of the bouquet set? The bouquet is mainly determined by the source of the bouquet, the number of main flower branches, the main flower variety, and the number of lining flowers. Among t..
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What should I pay attention to when ordering silk flowers? Read this article to understandWhat is silk flower?Silk flowers are also known as fake flowers, artificial flowers, and artificial flowers. The above names refer to silk flowers. Silk flowers are mostly made of silk and PU materials. There a..
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Whether the florist service is high quality is judged from there? What are the advantages of G florist?The prime number of florists can often be seen from the managers.When the customer service of ordering flowers is good, whether the website is updated with products, etc., you can know the quality ..
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