How to choose a bouquet? It is enough to read this article when ordering a bouquet.

Bouquet price

• How is the price of the bouquet set? The bouquet is mainly determined by the source of the bouquet, the number of main flower branches, the main flower variety, and the number of lining flowers. Among them, the seasonal and festive price fluctuations are very large. If the flower farmer loses the price of the flower It may increase by 50-60%. At this time, the reserved bouquets will be relatively unaffected. However, some florists will ask customers to make up the price difference. This is not desirable. Reputable florists will not do this. Pay attention to the flowers. The festive price increases are usually on Valentine's Day because the price of the goods will be much higher than the usual price. At this time, all florists will only sell Valentine's Day bouquets, and the price is relatively expensive. If there are florists in It is sold at the usual price on Valentine's Day, and customers need to choose carefully.Because every Valentine's Day flower shop cheats, most of them pay but do not pay, or buy goods many days in advance when the price has not risen, which leads to Valentine's Day delivery. All the flowers have faded. To avoid this situation, customers can choose to order flowers from a reputable florist with a longer age.