This policy explains the practices of  Florist   in the collection, use, retention, storage, acquisition, transfer and sharing of personal data. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy, and the updated version will be posted on this website.

A. Privacy clause (the “Florist”), including the website of the “Company” (“” (the “Website”)), with the official website address (, respects the provision of personal information to this website The right to privacy of individuals and to comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

1. The personal data collected by our company from "" (as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance) includes the following:

(i) the browser ’s personal computer network protocol address (IP Address), region, etc., the time of browsing “”, the type of browser, and the webpage that was visited;

(ii) When visitors use "" and the application, this website will make a record to analyze the number of visitors and general usage of this website. Some of this information will be collected through "cookies". Cookies are files that contain a small amount of information and are automatically stored in the Internet browser installed on the visitor's own computer, which can be retrieved by this website and services in the future in order to create a more ideal online experience for users. Cookies collect anonymous collective statistics and do not include personal contact information such as name, address, and telephone and email addresses. At present, common browser versions have cookies enabled by default. If you want to disable cookies or be notified of the use of cookies, you can change your browser settings or refuse to accept cookies. However, you may not be able to access certain pages on "". This website may also use web beacons (also known as transparent gifs or pixel tags), which are small images with unique identifiers that are added to the code of the webpage and function similarly to cookies. This website uses web beacons to monitor this website, conduct market segmentation, understand whether you have entered this website through online advertisements displayed on third-party websites, and improve the performance of this website. This helps the company evaluate the effectiveness of the content, goods and other services provided on this website.

(iii) If the visitor has reached an agreement with the company through the use of the service of "" and becomes a member of "", the information provided to the company by completing the registration form during registration, including but not limited The viewer's name, phone number, email address, address, and other information in the registration form; and other personal information provided by the viewer to the company on a voluntary basis.

2. The personal data collected by the Company on the Internet will be used by the Company to provide services to you, process inquiries and complaints, and investigate related services. Your personal data will also have the opportunity to be used by the Company with your consent Purpose of direct marketing. If you are under 16 years of age, you must seek the consent of your parent or your guardian before providing any personal data to the company. In addition, your personal data may also be transferred or transferred or disclosed to the following (including but not limited to) parties as required for the following purposes and uses:

i) application, daily operations (including but not limited to member / user updates), continued use and termination of services on this website;

ii) apply for a job at;

iii) our agents, suppliers, contractors, partners or any other service providers for their use on the services provided by this website or related purposes;

iv) verify your identity;

v) to disclose personal data to the relevant authorities in accordance with any legal requirements binding on the Company; and

vi) internal statistical surveys and analysis.

3. If you do not want our company to use your personal data, you can voluntarily decide whether to provide basic personal data that is not marked as necessary. You can voluntarily provide your personal data for the following purposes:

i) to enable the company to better understand the characteristics of this "" member or user; and

ii) enable the company to provide related goods or other services that better meet your needs.

4. When the Company collects your personal data, it will:

i) explain to you that our company is collecting your personal data and for what purpose;

ii) give you the opportunity to object to the use of personal data for specific purposes; and

iii) Explain how our company stores personal data and how you can access, change and delete stored personal data.

5. The company intends to use the personal data provided by you for direct marketing purposes; we will not use your personal data unless you have obtained your consent.

6. The company will use your last name, first name, phone, email address and related personal information to promote the following goods and services:

Promotions, events and offers provided by and its group members, including its holding companies, subsidiaries and / or its affiliates;

If you do not want our company to use your personal data for the above direct marketing, you can ask our company to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes in order to exercise your right to disagree with this arrangement. Upon receiving your notice, the company will stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes at your request.

7. Consent In some cases, the legal processing of personal data is subject to judicial supervision in a number of regions and requires the consent of the data subject. If the relevant legislation requires the company to obtain consent before processing personal data (including direct sales), the company will obtain it in a clear, easy to understand and read manner. When you use this website, you have clearly understood the purpose of using personal data, the identity of the data transferee (such as the disclosure or transfer of personal data) and the manner in which the data transferee uses your personal data.

8. Disclosure and transfer of personal data, the Company may disclose or transfer your personal data (inside or outside your jurisdiction) to the company's group companies, associates, subsidiaries, business partners, service providers And other persons whom the Company deems appropriate in connection with your request or provision of services and goods to you. We may disclose this information or use it for the purposes set out in the Terms of Service Use-"Company Statement and Notice Concerning the Collection of Personal Data" in order to effectively transfer the relevant goods, services and information to you.

9. The company has internal staff rules to ensure that employees will not use your information for the purposes specified above, and remind employees to keep your personal information confidential. Regardless of how your personal data is stored, it will only be accessible to employees of the company who have been authorized to access it. Personal data stored electronically will be protected by encryption and accessible to authorized personnel of "" only. Employees designated to handle personal data will only be instructed to do so in accordance with the provisions of this Personal Data Collection Statement.

10. If, for any reason (including recovering from you any money owed to us), it is necessary for us to take action against you in legal proceedings, you expressly agree to identify yourself and take legal action against you , Can be based on the personal information you provided.

11. The Company retains your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. The company may also retain personal data files for statistical purposes. Such personal data will be deleted or destroyed until such data no longer has any direct or related use.

12. You have the right to inquire the Company in writing whether the Company owns your personal data and to request a copy of such information and / or correct or delete such information. If you wish to make the above request, please contact the data protection officer of the company below to make the above request. After receiving such request, the company will process it as soon as possible (within no more than 40 days).