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18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)

18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)
18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)
18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)
18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)
18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578 (18s)
Bouquet: 18 roses + Brazilian leaves-BO578
• Bouquet materials: Roses + Brazilian leaves
Flower language of different numbers of roses
The flower language of 18 roses-sincere and honest! Sincere and honest
Introduction to bouquet flower varieties:
Rose (Rosaceae)
Rose (scientific name: Rosa rugosa Thunb.): It is a deciduous shrub of Rosales, Rosaceae, and Rosa genus. The branches are many needles, odd-pinnate compound leaves, 5-9 leaflets, oval, with edge spines. The petals are obovate, double to semi-double, and the flowers are purple-red and white, and the fruit period is 8-9 months, and it is oblate. The branches are soft and drooping with dense thorns. They only bloom once a year, so they are seldom used for breeding. Recently, their main characteristics are disease resistance and cold tolerance.
Rose is the most famous and most popular kind of all flowers. For centuries, roses have been highly regarded. Historical evidence shows that they grew up in China about 5,000 years ago, and they have been playing a role in history ever since. Whether it is ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, Freemasons or others, the rose has always been an eternal symbol of love, beauty and equality. Although each color expresses love, beauty and balance a little bit differently, the main message is still love.
Rose has many different meanings, depending on its color. However, any rose can generally be regarded as a sign: love, honor, faith, beauty, balance, passion, wisdom, conspiracy, devotion, sensuality, eternity.
When roses are used as economic crops, their flowers are mainly used for food and to extract essential rose oil. Rose oil is used in cosmetics, food, fine chemical industries and other industries.
In European languages, rose, rose, and rose all use the same word, such as rose in English and Die Rose in German. The rose is the national flower of 14 countries including the United Kingdom and the United States. "Rose" in the popular sense has become a general term for many species of roses. In fact, hybrid roses are also produced by cross-breeding of various species under the genus Rosa.
  JP flower shop owns a rose bouquet (18 stems up), customers can choose the rose color and number of branches. Wrapping paper and ribbon, please visit our flower shop to learn more. Bouquet 101 (18s) is composed of 18 roses, simple and generous to send The first choice for flowers. Even if you are in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong or any other place, you can order flowers at our flower shop all the time. Our online florist provides services to customers like Hong Kong Kwun Tong flower shops. Our flower delivery service provides bouquets Deliver it to every flower collector.
Precautions for ordering flowers:
• The range of bouquet changes includes: main flower color, main flower branch number, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc...
• There is a color difference between the picture and the actual product. You must understand before ordering. If you have any questions, please contact us.
• Order flowers at the florist, and a gift card will be included with the bouquet. The content is not limited, and the content size is 11cmx15cm. Welcome to our florist to inquire or order online
• Before ordering flowers and handmade products, in order to protect the interests of customers, please read the terms and conditions
The price of this bouquet is not applicable (4/2-16/2 during Valentine's Day)
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