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Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss106

Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss106
Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss106
Dahlia-Silk Flower/Imitation Flower-ss106
Dahlia (Dahlia pinnata Cav.), also known as Dahlia, Peony, Oriental Chamomile, Dahlia, Sweet Potato Flower, Asteraceae, Dahlia, perennial herb, with huge rod-shaped roots. The stem is upright, multi-branched, 1.5-2 meters high, and sturdy. Native to Mexico, Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity and wealth, so they respect it as the national flower.
It is planted in most countries in the world, and new varieties have come out from time to time. According to statistics, there are more than 30,000 dahlia varieties, which is one of the most flower varieties in the world. Dahlia has a wide variety of colors and flower shapes. It is one of the world's famous flowers; it can also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and has a certain medicinal value.
Main categories
From the flower shape, dahlias have the shape of chrysanthemum, lotus, peony, crab claw, etc. The diameter of the flower is as small as the size of a wine cup, and the larger one is more than 30 cm. Their colors include not only single colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, light red, and white, but also a variety of more brilliant colors.
The petals of the dahlia flower are arranged neatly, not as intricately and intricately as the peony, but naturally unrestrained and full of romance. However, dahlias also have curly petals, such as a kind called "cactus", that's it.
There are many varieties of dahlia, about 30,000 species in the world. According to the size of the flowers, they are divided into three types: large flowers (flower diameter 20.3 cm or more), medium flowers (flower diameter 10.1-20.3 cm), and small flowers (flower diameter less than 10.1 cm). According to the flower shape, it is divided into: sunflower type, orchid type, decorative type, ball type, blooming type, anemone type, two-color flower type, peony flower type, cactus flower type, corrugated type, double petal flower type, double-petaled Persia 11 flower types including chrysanthemum, rosette and other flower types.
The main cultivated varieties are:
Shouguang: The flower color is fresh, the petal ends are white, the flower is gorgeous, the flower diameter is 12 cm, and the plant height is 110 cm. It is a cut flower variety in summer and autumn.
Chaoying: The flower is bright yellow, the petals are white at the apex, overlapping round and thick, not showing the center of the flower, and the flower diameter is 12 cm. The plant height is 120 cm. Easy to cultivate.
Beauty: The flower is purple-red, the petal tip is white, and the flower diameter is 10 cm. The plant is 100 cm tall and has a strong uprightness. It is a small cut flower variety.
Hua Zi: The flower is pure purple, with a flower diameter of 12 cm. The best variety in the purple line.
Ruibao: The flower is orange-red, not showing the heart, and it opens in the shape of a water lily, with a flower diameter of 12 cm. Very early flowering varieties. It is suitable for greenhouse cultivation.
Fushou: The flowers are bright red, with white spots on the apex of the petals.
Jewelry: vermilion in summer and autumn, orange-red flowers after October, 12 cm in diameter.
Xinhuang: The flowers are bright yellow, the petals are white at the apex, and there are many flowers. Plant height is 90 cm.
Red Concubine: The flowers are dark red, the leaves are erect, and the branches are many, easy to cultivate.
Xinquan: The flower is bright red, the petals are white, the flower shape is beautiful, and it is a very early flower variety.
Red hairpin: The flower is pink, the petals are round, rose-shaped, and the flower diameter is 12 cm. The plants are compact and coordinated and very beautiful.
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